Welcome Heather Woods to our team!

Please welcome Heather Woods, Fascia Stretch Therapist (FST), to our Pritchette Sports Performance and Training team. Heather is a long time trail runner, and Fascia Stretch Therapy got her moving fast without pain or restrictions. She is born and raised Gilbert, Arizona and has a personal training background and has competed in fitness competitions and power lifting.

Want to learn more about Heather and the benefits of Fascia Stretch Therapy, join us Monday, September 16th, between 4-6pm for a demonstration.

So what is Fascia Stretching Therapy?

FST uses gentle traction to stretch the joint capsule granting you access to range of motion you may not have felt in some time.

FST is a gain without pain technique. When the body is in pain it puts up barriers towards progress. Less is more! You should be feeling relaxed at all times during the session, never being in any pain.

FST is a technique that is in constant motion. The use of traction, circumduction, and oscillation are utilized while combined with varied tempos to help you obtain your mobility goals.

So what is fascia exactly….
Fascia is a beautiful spider web of clear connective tissue that is everywhere inside all of us. It is full of information, a veritable network and map of our bodies traumas and capabilities. If it becomes obstructed or cut off we feel pain, tightness or discomfort. Everything is connected – lets set it free with FST!

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10 year Anniversary for Revonne Gorman

Happy 10th year Anniversary Revonne!

Happy 10th year Anniversary Revonne!

For those that know us well, we are more like a family than just people who work together. Revonne Gorman, RYT, LMT, has been part of our team since the first year we opened. She has been an instrumental part of our team in helping us become a “Best of” in Ahwatukee for Massage and Pilates. We appreciate her dedication and support in helping Pritchette Physical Therapy grow. We celebrate her 10 year anniversary with us and looking forward to celebrating many more years to come!

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

adult-body-close-up-275768 (1).jpg

Adhesive capsulitis is commonly referred to as Frozen shoulder. This is an inflammatory condition that causes thickening and adhesions of the shoulder capsule provoking pain and leading to progressive loss of shoulder mobility. Patients suffering from adhesive capsulitis typically present with a sudden and progressive onset of pain in the front of one shoulder often causing difficulty sleeping at night. Patients often experience progressive loss of external rotation and abduction of the shoulder which limits daily activities such as reaching in overhead cabinets, buckling a seatbelt, washing or combing hair, dressing oneself, and personal hygiene.

What are the common causes of Frozen Shoulder?

While there is some debate over the exact cause of Adhesive Capsulitis there are many known contributing, and risk factors associated with developing the condition. Some associated causes are immobilization of the shoulder following surgery or trauma to the shoulder such as a rotator cuff tear, impingement, or tendinitis causing increased inflammation and non-use of the arm.

Other risk factors associated with developing Adhesive Capsulitis include age, Adhesive Capsulitis most commonly occurs between 40-65 years of age with females more commonly affected than males. There is also a strong link between other health conditions such as diabetes, Hyper and Hypothyroidism, Complex regional pain syndrome, and patients with a history of Dupuytren’s contractures. In addition, patients who have had frozen shoulder in the past also have a 15% likelihood of developing it in the opposite shoulder.

How long does recovery take for Frozen Shoulder?

While there are many factors that decrease recovery time, including Physical Therapy, a complete recovery of full range of motion may take up to 1-3 years. Adhesive capsulitis can be broken down into 3 stages; “Freezing”, “Frozen”, and “Thawing”.

The “Freezing” stage is the initial phase of adhesive capsulitis. This stage is characterized by pain that is typically worse at night accompanied with gradual loss of shoulder range of motion. This stage can last anywhere from 2-9 months.

The “Frozen” stage is the second phase of adhesive capsulitis. This stage is characterized by persistent restriction with shoulder range of motion and less pain than during the “Freezing” stage. This stage can occur from months 4-12.

The “Thawing” stage is the final phase of adhesive capsulitis. During this stage there is a gradual return of range of motion. This last stage usually occurs between months 12-42.

What can I do If I suspect a frozen shoulder?

See your Physical Therapist or Physician early for evaluation. Physical Therapy is often a first line of defense and the sooner you contact your physical therapist, the sooner you will receive appropriate information on how to most effectively address your symptoms. Your physical therapists’ goal is to restore your movement and reduce your pain, so you can continue to perform your daily activities. This is achieved by developing a personalized plan of care based off your symptoms, function, comorbidities, and stage of Adhesive Capsulitis.


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Massage offered Saturday's and Sunday's

Need a massage on the weekend? Pritchette Physical Therapy now offers massage therapy on Saturdays and Sundays 8am-5pm, by appointment, with Connie Bond, HHP, LMT.

Connie Bond is a graduate of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in San Diego. Connie has a real passion for massage therapy, health, and wellness. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, she knows how important the connection is between the mind, body, and spirit, and will help to heal the whole person. She successfully addresses soft tissue issues using Therapeutic and Sports Massage techniques, specializing in Hot and Cold Stone massages to solve your issues effectively. Connie loves to help people relax and customizes her massages to the client’s individual needs, with a very caring, professional presence.

Call the clinic to schedule your appointment for a 30 min, 60 min or 90 min Massage! 480-785-5415