Personal Training

Pritchette Physical Therapy’s Personal Training is designed to address the reasons most people don’t accomplish their fitness goals.  Like, why do you lose interest in your workouts in only a few weeks?  Why is fitness equipment so intimidating?  How do I use it properly? Most importantly not knowing what to do or expect to meet your fitness goals.  Our certified personal trainers will set you on the right path to meet your fitness goals, because they have been there, just like you!


Post Rehabilitation Programming

Strength Training


Cardiovascular Training

Nutritional Guidance


Neurological Training

Speed and Agility Training

Weight Loss Programming

Youth Training Programs

Geriatric Training Programs

Fascial Stretch Therapy


Our personal trainers have worked with everyone from 7-95 years old including couch potatoes to elite athletes.  Our approach is to educate, encourage and help our clients meet their individual goals.  We encourage a family atmosphere where our clients become our friends. 


We have all been there, fitness doesn’t just happen it requires hard work. Our trainers are there to help you through the difficult times of your journey to your fitness goals

Build the Foundation

Proper nutrition is the key to success in any fitness program. The nutrition required for preparing for a marathon is different than one to lose weight. Our personal trainers can help provide nutritional tips to help you meet your goals.

Stress-Free Zone

Don’t worry about where you have been or where you are right now, our trainers don’t judge our clients. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. There are ups and downs along this journey, the goal is to work today, plan tomorrow, and don’t look back.


As a physical therapy facility, our trainers are keenly aware of how to address people with conditions that would require modifications to a fitness training program. We look at these conditions as opportunities, not obstacles to your healthy lifestyle. This creates a unique approach that you wouldn’t experience with gym personal trainers.


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