Our goal at Pritchette Physical Therapy is to exceed our patients and clients expectations.  Often our patients take the time to express their gratitude and it makes it all worthwhile!  Here are a few of our patients’ and clients’ testimonials:

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“I have been taking private Pilates instruction for 2.5 years with Revonne at Rehab Plus in Ahwatukee.  Never in my life of 68 years have I stuck with an exercise program for such an extended period of time.  That is because of Revonne.  She keeps me focused and happy to be doing something positive for my health.

While I still have weight challenges, my body is in the best shape since my teens.  Revonne is a gentle but firm coach who pushes me to do exercise that I would NEVER have attempted on my own. I have amazing flexibility and strength now.

My husband, who is 88, gets physical therapy at Rehab Plus.  He broke his hip in early 2014, and the team at Rehab Plus has helped him immensely.  Drs. Sarah and Keith, therapists Janice and Jesse, office team of Giovanna and Ashley and everybody else at the clinic focus on his particular needs and issues, and they all treat us like family.

I highly recommend Rehab Plus in Ahwatukee. They are the best."

- Vicki

“What makes pilates sessions with Revonne Couch so special is receiving individualized attention by a highly skilled, sensitive teacher who is passionate about helping her clients reap the full benefits of pilates.  I appreciate how my sessions are tailored to my energy level that day and adjustments are made to deal with any medical issues I may be having.  Over time, my core has definitely strengthened and so has my self-esteem and overall fitness.  My insurance even covers part of the cost, so I certainly take advantage of the exceptional experiences I have with Revonne.

- Sue