Swimming Training

Pritchette Sports Performance Training provides sport specific swimming training.  Our sport specific training is for all athletes and all ages.

How our Dry-land Training Will Translate to the Pool:

  • More power off starts
  • Better push off turns
  • Stronger Dolphin Kicks       

Foster Athletic Development for Swimmers

  • Overall Strength/Power
  • Kinetic Chain Development
  • Core Strength

Reduce the Risk of Common Injuries in Swimming

  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Bicep Tendonitis
  • Breaststroker’s Knee
  • Low Back/Disc Issues

Support Fitness/Conditioning

Because of the difficulty of translating dryland conditioning to the pool, we prefer to leave conditioning for coaches to facilitate during team practices.  We can use some low intensity cardio for recovery purposes; however, we primarily focus our efforts on improving the areas where swimmers have contact with the ground such as starts and turns.