Cheer Training

Pritchette Sports Performance Training provides sport specific basketball training.  Our sport specific training is for all athletes and all ages.

How our Training Will Translate to the Mat:


  • Higher Tosses
  • Progressing to Tougher Stunts
  • Better Control at the top of Stunts
  • More Springy Tumbling


  • Better Jumps to assist tosses
  • Tighter at the top

  • More Springy Tumbling


Foster Athletic Development for Competitive Cheerleaders


  • Full Body Strength/Power
  • Core Strength/Stability
  • Pogo Based Plyos (for tumbling)


  • Muscular Control/Stability
  • Balance/Coordination
  • Vertical Jump Height (for Higher tosses)
  • Core Strength/Stability
  • Pogo Based Plyos (tumbling)

Reduce the Risk of Common Injuries in Cheerleading

  • Ankle Sprains/Shin Splints
  • ACL/MCL, Wrist Pain
  • Low Back Pain/Herniated Discs
  • Shoulder Impingement (Bases)

Improve Fitness/Conditioning

Conditioning for cheer is broken down into two categories; Gameday and performance conditioning.  For Gameday, it is important to have a good base of aerobic endurance to allow cheerleaders to maintain high energy and precision throughout long games.  In regards to performances, we cater conditioning to reflect the 2:30 time frame of the routines.  Since performances are packed with stunts involving muscles throughout the entire body, the conditioning involves full body movements and transitions that challenge muscular endurance.