In-Season/Off-Season/Preseason Training

Proper training strategies during In-Season, Off-Season, and Preseason will help an athlete achieve optimal performance and reduce the chance of injury. 


In-Season Training Strategy

  • Maintain overall strength-power of athletes throughout the season focusing more on mechanics and proper form than weight or intensity
  • Identify risk factors for injury and support healthy well-balanced joints
  • Keep athletes flexible and mobile
  • Facilitate blood flow and recovery through low intensity aerobic cardio
  • Help athletes build healthy habits regarding sleep and nutrition

Off-Season training Strategy

  • Address and correct any muscle imbalances/compensations that developed throughout the prior season
  • Build Strength through customized training cycles
  • Incorporate a variety of training styles that increase the overall athleticism and versatility of athletes
  • Address any body composition needs
  • Build grit and mental toughness through challenging feats
  • Condition consistently but not as much volume as preseason

PreSeason training strategy

  • Progress conditioning to meet the demands of competition
  • Transition from more strength based training to more speed/power so athletes are prepared for peak performance
  • Build teamwork/ camaraderie through physical team challenges
  • Incorporate ‘Pre-Hab’ to stay ahead of certain joints and muscles that tend to be problematic throughout the season