Basketball Training

Pritchette Sports Performance Training provides sport specific basketball training.  Our sport specific training is for all athletes and all ages.

How our Training Will Translate to the Court:

  • Stronger post-ups and/or drives to the basket
  • More Steals with quicker cuts
  • Extra blocks and rebounds with a higher vertical
  • Better shooting percentage late in the game with more endurance

Foster Athletic Development for Basketball

  • Foundational Strength/Power (Multi-Planar)
  • Jump Height
  • Speed/Agility
  • Balance/Coordination

Reduce the risk of common Basketball Injuries

  • Ankle Sprains
  • Low Back Aggravation

Improve Fitness/Conditioning

Basketball players do not just run for 4 quarters.  They need to be able to jump, sprint, post up and cut for extended amount of time.  This requires a solid fitness foundation (aerobic endurance) as well as the ability to be intermittently fast and explosive (anaerobic efficiency).  Our training addresses both of these types of conditioning.