Elena Pritchette, CPT

Director of Personal Training/Certified Personal Trainer

Elena is a native of Russia who moved to the United States more than 10 years ago. While in Russia she studied and worked in Nuclear Engineering but her passion always lied in the fitness industry. In Russia, Elena not only began her personal training career, she also competed in competitive step aerobics, ballet, and various fitness competitions. Since moving to the US and becoming a citizen in 2009 she has continued working as a certified personal trainer (CPT) and has built up a loyal clientele. Elena is a TPI Certified Personal Trainer.

Elena has become known as a personal trainer who assists in transforming a person’s body utilizing exceptional and unique exercise techniques that incorporate interval training, band and body resistance, as well as some ballet movements in order to reshape and the body and develop muscular endurance and tone. Elena not only motives her clients, but she truly cares about them, she also sets an excellent example on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Elena’s only desire is to train her clients to become the healthiest and best looking versions of themselves that they can be from the inside out.

Elena specializes in training couples, as well as groups but she prefers to keep her groups to a more intimate number of clients. She also understands that boredom in your training leads to failure so it is her promise that you will never do the same workout and that all your workouts will be tailored to your personal needs.