The Next Level

By Seth Thomas, CSCS, PN1, USAW, XPS, Director of Sports Performance

Most high school athletes practice their sports. Some might even take a general weight training class at school. But few are actually involved in a fully well-rounded training program during the off season or an injury reduction/recovery based program during the in-season. Each of these can keep athletes healthy and strong as well as support their overall athletic development.  

What many people don't realize is that there are several more factors that determine athletic development than just practice and weights. Nutrition, recovery, sleep quality, motivation and even simply the mechanics of how an athlete moves all play important roles in athletic development. There's a reason why so many high level teams are now hiring nutritionists, psychologists, and sport scientists.  

Here at Pritchette Sports Performance, our staff has collegiate experience and is passionate about supporting athletes in all these areas of their athletic development so that they can reach their full potential while staying safe and healthy!